Thursday, November 10, 2005


My heart is still beating too fast. I can barely write! Not long after I made my last entry in the journal some stinking goblins sneaked into our camp! They killed one of the guards who was standing watch. He was a Sembian and I really hated him. He was one of those bastards who kept calling me "Pretty, pretty." I just finished watching them pile snow and pine needles on top of him.

Luckily someone saw or smelled the goblins and raised the alarum. I hid under a wagon most of the time but when I saw a goblin creeping past I slid out and stabbed that little mongrel right in the kidney. It was sort of fun to watch him wiggle before he went to meet his stinky little goblin god. He had a little leather pouch which I took before anyone noticed. It only had about 10 copper in it, but I'll need every bit of it by the time I get to Waterdeep. I sure don't want to have to stay in the dock ward when I get there. I plan on staying in the best inns after I strike it rich from sneaking into some noble villa and cleaning it out.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Entry #3

I really wish I had brought my good old pair of boots. What was I thinking? These moccasins look great with my new adventure outfit but they sure don't keep my feet dry. Prisan made me get off the wagon and walk "Like a real caravan guard!" he said. I'd love to see that old fat bastard get off his wagon and walk for miles in the snow. The other guards keep making fun of me too and I heard one calling me "pretty, pretty." They wouldn't like it much if I shoved a dagger in their gut though, would they? At least I'm back in the wagon now since we stopped for the night. We're pretty deep in the woods at this point. Not much snow on the ground here and it's really quiet. Hopefully my moccasins will dry out before morning.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Entry #2

Well, I went to sleep a few hours ago on the back of the wagon and we were still going through the woods. Guess what, we're still going through the woods. I've been further than this on foot. The trail is pretty rough here, so it woke me up. I'm never gonna get to Waterdeep at this rate.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Leaving Bowshot

I'll show him. Lem thought I'd never leave the mill, but who's sitting in the back of this wagon now? The caravan master didn't want to hire me as a guard. He acted like I've never swung a sword before. I told him how I'd killed a goblin last winter when they raided my cousin Melfin's farm, but he still won't pay me for this trip. Brrrr. This wagon is cold. There's still frost on the ground, but I guess it is still the middle of Tarsakh. I can't wait til I get to Waterdeep. I'll get rich with all of ol Halaster's gold and come back and buy the whole dern town! That'll show Lem.

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